Land, which should be an enabler of development, has become an obstacle.


As the frontier of societal advance has increasingly become digital and distributed, land remains analogue and centralized. Consequently, land has become an obstacle to further societal advance in most parts of the world, rather than an enabler.


ZILLA combineS crowdsourced data collection with exponential technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AI) to gather and validate LAND data RAPIDLY AND RELIABLY.  



The majority of the world 7 billion people live in areas, where land records are poorly managed, land attributes are poorly documented, and governments at the national or federal levels are inadequately resourced to undertake long-overdue land registry (i.e. cadastral) updates. 

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The Zilla system creates opportunity along two dimensions. The first dimension is the provision of experience-based training in digital skills and of employment opportunities to a large number of community members. The second dimension is the creation of opportunities throughout the targeted region though improvements in land-administration systems. Such improvements allow landowners to live and transact more securely; intensify private-sector land-related investments by reducing transactional risk; and induce all participants to discover new ways to create value from their land.

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